The Centre for Mobility Enhancement was founded in 1996. The object is to enable the safe mobility of older people and those with disabilities. Ireland has the dubious honour of the world's first road-traffic fatality. Mary Ward of Birr, county Offaly, died in an accident involving a steam-powered car in 1869. Efforts have been made to ensure that this is not characteristic of Irish traffic today!


As in many European countries, Ireland has a marked increase in the number of older drivers in the last two dcades. Ireland has two specific measures relating to the elderly. Since 1989, the Republic of Ireland has a system of regular medical recertification of fitness to drive at the age of 70 and every three years subsequently. This is a response to the First European directive and may need to be reviewed in the light of new evidence on the efficacy of this type of approach. The second measure is the provision of free travel on public transport for all over the age of 66, outside of peak hours.


The clinical assessment is based in the Adelaide and Meath Hospital, Tallaght, Dublin 24.

On-road assessment is provided through the TMC-I, under the direction of Mr Tony Regan


Our core service is to provide rapid interdisciplinary assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of older drivers on a secondary and tertiary referral basis. Clinics are on Wednesday afternoon


Centre for Mobility Enhancement: no limitation


The department is staffed by a consultant physician, Desmond O'Neill MD an occupational therapist and social worker. Administrative and secretarial support is provided by a departmental secretary.

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