Masters Programmes worth considering for Specialist Registrars


Health Gerontology/General Gerontology

European Masters in Gerontology (EuMaG)

Although addressing the full remit of gerontology, this course was originally funded by the Public Health Section of the European Union. Prof Desmond O'Neill (Tallaght) is the Irish partner in the consortium. The first year includes week-long modules in Amsterdam, Paris, Heidelberg and Stoke on Trent, with a rotating summer module provided by consortium members (hosted at Tallaght in 2004). The second year involves a choice of modules and a dissertation.

Masters in Geriatric Medicine, Keele University

Five modules of 2-5 days and a dissertation.  Dr Miriam Casey (St James's Hospital) is an Honorary Senior Lecturer in Keele University and delivers some of this course.

Kings College London Masters in Gerontology

One day a week over two years, or two days a week over one year. DGM gives exemption from one-third of the MSc in Gerontology.

Masters Gerontology, University of Salford

Two years part-time

MA Gerontology, University of Southern California

Online course

Masters Health Science, Gerontology, Charles Stuart University, NSW, Autralia

Online course

Masters Medical Education

Masters in Medical Education, University of Dundee

Distance learning option available

Masters in Medical Education, University of Cardiff

3 day sessions every 6 weeks in Cardiff during the academic year

Masters Medical Ethics (+ Law)

MSc Healthcare Ethics and Law, RCSI/NUI

First year 9 teaching block of 2 days each, second year 4 teaching blocks of 2 days each and dissertation

Masters Medical Ethics and Law, Keele University

Four three day blocks in year one

Masters Medical Ethics and Law, King's College London

One day a week during term

Masters in Bioethics, Loyola University Chicago

Full online course

Masters in Bioethics, Alden March Institute (Albany Medical College)

One two week block, two further one week blocks, online coursework and dissertation

MSc in Healthcare Bioethics, University of Bristol

2-3 day blocks, a total of 30 days, in first year and dissertation

Molecular Medicine

MSc in Molecular Medicine, TCD

Masters Health Care Administration

MBA in Health Service Management, RCSI/NUI

4 semesters, each with a one week block, and 10 Friday pm and Saturday am blocks,

MSc Health Services Management, TCD

3 day blocks a month spread over two years.